Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Would Dave Approve? Wendy's New Ad Campaign

Advertising Age: "Since Mr. Thomas passed away in 2002, Wendy's has struggled to develop ads without its trusty star. ..."

"What Dave built was a fast-food place that wasn't a fast-food place," said one insider. "But when Dave died, they froze the place in amber."

Wendy's is getting opposition from the founder's family for random ads featuring men in red wigs. I have to agree with the family on this one.

Zagat recently declared Wendy's the "best burger" in the fast food category! Their value menu is brilliantly comprehensive! Their food is far superior to that of Burger King and McDonalds! Yet they choose to market themselves with an ad campaign that looks so similar to a Burger King ad that I wouldn't know the difference if it wasn't for the wig.

I agree that Dave built a fast foot restaurant that wasn't fast food. His ad campaigns were unique in that they were classy, comfortable and all about the food. Every other fast food ad campaign targets men 18-30. Who needs men 18-30 when you can have every other demographic segment that fast food advertising alienates? "Subservient Chicken?" Need I say more?

The Marketing Guy

p.s. The premise of the advertising campaign is that you don't have to be like everyone else. The irony is that Wendy's is doing just that!!

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