Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The 4 People Every Business Owner Needs

I like this article because, as an entrepreneur, I'm on the roller coaster of small business ownership all the time. Having people to level out your highs and lows emotionally and tactically is invaluable and almost critical to success.

With so many facets to running a business--including sales, marketing, technology and protecting your physical and intellectual properties--having the right people in your corner can be a tremendous asset, providing both emotional support and business know-how. Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs go it alone, without that emotional backing from friends or family.

Typically, there are four common types of supporters who serve as emotional backers and/or advisors. If you are fortunate enough to find all four, you may have your own little village to help you raise a business.
"The Cheerleader"
rally behind your ideas and believe in you as an entrepreneur
"The Role Model"
actively teaching or training
"The Expert"
more than willing to go the extra mile by providing their expertise in a specific area.
"The Techie"
someone with the ability to provide such technical help in today's business world can be a godsend.
Some people are fortunate to have such supporters
others may simply need to look
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