Monday, October 22, 2007

Hate cold calling? Warm it up!

My least favorite thing to do as a business owner is make cold calls! I hate everything about it and don't consider any amount of new business worth the hundreds of rejections!

However, I came across a blog posting today that actually got me excited about cold calling! The posting is titled "The 7 Secrets to Cold Calling Success" and it basically tells us not to make calls with the objective of setting an appointment or selling a product. Our objective should be to find out if they have a problem that our product or service can solve. This changes the entire approach to the call and makes it more about building a relationship with the prospect and determining if you can help them rather than selling them something they don't need.

I'm definitely going to use the tips in this posting and give "cold" calling another chance. Read the posting here.

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srhepburn said...

Hey Justin...great ideas. Any chance we'll see more posts from The Marketing Guy soon?